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Happy Birthday...

to the lovely penwiper26!  Another year has passed; I hope the next is full of beauty, joy and triumph!


Highly entertained to receive an email notice that my birthday is coming up.  Oh hey, is it?!  How about that!

How is everyone?  Evidently I have not posted here in a very very long time.



Here, have a pic of The Boy toting around my library copy of Memory.

Hey, The Tiny is lurking in the background.  I just noticed that.

Blew through both Komarr and A Civil Campaign, which are both filled with too much win for me to list here, so I'll just say: Ekaterin!  Nikki!  Gregor!  SIMON!  Ivan!  Mark!  Kareen, Kareen, Kareen!  LORD DONO, OMG (called it!)!  Cordelia, my hero!  Aral, you never get enough screen time.  Did I mention Gregor?  And Ekaterin!  Love love love.

Dude, you guys, if the uterine replicator technology actually existed, I would have so many kids.

Vorkosigan Fic Rec!

Hey, matt_doyle, you should totally read Anamnesis, by penwiper26.  It is Memory from the POV of Simon Illyan, and it is made of awesome.  I think you'll love it.


Finished Memory late last night/early this morning.

Oh! Em! Gee!

Spoilery discussion?

I'll start!Collapse )

Now I just have to hurry-up-and-wait for my housemate to finish Komarr.

Miles to Go

Not dead, just busy.  Still chugging through the Vorkosigan series; finished Mirror Dance last night, omg.  Started Memories this morning, even more omg.

How is everybody?

I Have....

... a streaming cold, imminent deadlines, and a stack of Vorkosigan novels.

Oh, dear.  I think I'm in trouble.


This N That

My laptop died this week past, so we are now a one-computer family once again.  Fortunately all my data was saved, so I haven't lost any of the hours of un-backed-up work on the hard drive, thank goodness.

penwiper26, I am reading The Warrior's Apprentice and can tell that tomorrow I'm going to be frantically hunting for any of the other books in the series.

What's new with everyone else?


Supernatural Fic Rec!

Emerging long enough to highly highly recommend this very meta Supernatural fic, The Chuck Writes Story, which sartorias linked to.  It ate my morning, but in an awesome way.  What if Chuck Shurley/Carver Edlund, the author of the obscure series Supernatural, had an LJ?  What if he wrote fanfic?  Well, who's to say he didn't?

I don't think it's necessary to know Supernatural to enjoy the fic, although it probably helps.  What helps more is knowing fandom and its many ways.  kuraku_chan, you should totally read it.

Flannel Shirt Photo Shoot

You guys!  I officially have the cutest son in the mother-- whole dang world!  Took some photos of his astonishing cuteness this morning, and am delighted that they actually turned out pretty good!

Here's a sample:

The rest under the cutCollapse )

He'll be one year old in less than a week.  I can't believe it.

Also, I am addicted to scrambled-eggs-on-toast.  I don't know why it's so amazingly delicious, but it is!  It is!  I just make scrambled eggs as I normally do (two eggs, no milk, assorted spices, dash of soy), heap on a piece of toast with a cheese slice, drizzle with Worcestershire sauce and Rooster sauce, and OM NOM NOM, it's like spicy savory heaven!

How is everyone?  Any delicious addictive easy recipes to share?